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Christmas Party Bling


Welcome to my 2nd Monthly Features Article.

Well, Christmas season is upon us! If ever there’s an excuse to go big, sparkly, glittery and OTT with accessories, here it is!

Christmas Party Earring Bling – so many options.. Personally, I’ve often been a bit boring with my outfit choice (nearly always black) but this then allows for the ‘extra’ in the accessories..

There are many ways to ‘glam’ up an outfit:

Go Big – long dramatic earrings, which work especially well with an updo. Like here, a la Florence Pugh and Beyonce. They both carry off big statement earrings perfectly.

Here’s my far less fabulous attempt:

A matching set can make a real statement too, especially with a simple outfit.

This matching necklace and earring set (Helsinki Sky), available from the Vogue Collection, makes a real impact and looks great with all black or on colour too.

Headbands (not for everyone I know) can really glam up an outfit. I love them but I do remember a friend once telling me she wanted to embrace the trend but felt like a Headgirl. Embrace the Headgirl I say! There are so many options with headbands too; velvet, glitter, leather… Here’s me pairing the knotted top sequin Aliceband with some matching Black and Gold Earrings ..coming to the Vogue Collection soon.

The possibilities are endless for ‘Glamming up’. Have fun, be bold and enjoy the festivities!

Merry Christmas

Love Jojo



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